For as long as I have been on the internet having all of my applications on a flash drive has been one of those things that just gets me rock hard.  There are various sites that offer “portable” applications, but let’s be honest, how many of those are actually useful.   That is the goal of this website, to take applications that would not normally be portable and turn them into just that. For the most part, these will be in folders that you download and drag onto your favorite drive. However, on special occasions, you will come across some that are single .exe files meaning once you download there should be one file inside of the zip, and that’s all you need, Not every program is able to do this so the single .exe will not always be the case.


This site will need a little time to grow, however, we will set up either forums or a contact form.  This will be used for those of you who have your own portable applications that you may want us to share.

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